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About Java- Java Island is one of five biggest islands in Indonesia and the 13th biggest Island in the world, and known as the most densely populated one in this archipelago country. Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia is located at the western part of Java. This island evolved as the center of economic, social, politics and culture. This island was where the Hindu-Buddhist Kingdoms, Islam Empires and Dutch Colonial ever reigned powerfully. Java has become the melting pot where almost every ethnic of Indonesia you can find here. Javanese is the dominant language among other local languages, and Bahasa Indonesia is spoken by them. Majority of the inhabitants are Muslim, and has diverse of beliefs and cultures. Java was very fertile and surplus of rice production in the ancient time. It is rich of major volcanoes such as Mt Merapi, Mt Slamet, Mt Kelud, Mt Bromo, Mt Semeru. Major tourist attractions in Java are Borobudur Temple, Yogyakarta (Jogja), Bandung, Mt Bromo and Ijen Crater.

East Java in a Glance – East Java is srategically located between Bali and Jogja (Yogyakarta) that are known as the major tourist destination in Indonesia. It has ease of access from Jakarta, Denpasar, Jogja and other domestic flight routes  and also daily flight to/fro Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. From Jogja can be reached by landline and from Bali to East Java can be accessed overland  via Bali Strait by Ferry. East Java is rich of natural attractions. You can explore active volcano, acid crater lake, lush national forrest, wildlife, awesome barrels to surf, caves and pristine islands. Cultural attractions in East Java are also abundant from Majapahit Empire site, historical colonial buildings in Surabaya, traditional event such as Bull Race, and festival event like Jember Fashion carnaval. With few etnics living in this area, such as Javanese, Madurese, Osing, Chinese, Tenggerese, and Balinese, making cultural richness of East Java colorful.

Brief about Central o Java –Central Java is the center of Javanese culture especially Jogja. It has long history of date back in 7th Century from Kalingga Kingdom to Mataram, and now still monarchy still exists in Jogja and Solo. Javanese is known as polite people, they speak Javanese with various accents. Jogja is the second most popular destination in Indonesia after Bali. It is popular for its cultural attractions from its past history ranges from sultan palace, traditional batik painting, other old buildings and many more. Mt Merapi, considered as the most active and dangerous volcano in the world is located in Jogja. Central Java has the magnificent Borobudur Temple, Karimunjawa Marine National Park and  Dieng Plateau. Solo is known as batik center where batik painter can be found easily in villages. There are 3 major gates in Central part of Java, Adi Sumarmo Airport in Solo, Adi Sucipto Airport in Jogja and Ahmad Yani Airport in Semarang.


Getaway Tours serves as travel agent and tour operator based in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia, and specializing in tours to East and Central Java. Getaway Tours as subsidiary is under the umbrella of Koperasi Kanugoro Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Satya Widya Surabaya that is licensed by The Department of Tourism, Art, and Culture of East Java 64/HK.503/IX/556/2000.  We have representatives in Jogja and Bali. We are an expert to assist you to discover Mt Bromo with its wonderful sunrise and spectacular crater,Ijen Crater, and also other parts of East Java from white sandy beaches, green forest, and its culture. We also organize tours to Borobudur temple, Dieng Plateau, Jogja and Bali.

We know how to make your trip memorable and we organize tours to explore more of East Java with cost-effective and time-efficient way. We manage the tours according to tourist preferences either you are a wanderlust and adventurous one, private or small group, short or longer trip, premium or budget travelers.The accommodations arranged for our guests are locally owned and also giving you comfortable stay and hospitality experience from the local people. We know cost-effective yet good quality of hotels range from non-star to star hotels that are not crowded whether in Bromo area, Ijen Crater, Banyuwangi, Malang, or Surabaya. Also for Java-Bali overland tour, where you can stay in resort in the middle of Mt Sindoro and Mt Sumbing in Wonosobo where you can mingle with local people.Our Guides are local people who have good knowledge about Indonesia, and also travelers of East Java,Indonesia. They are well-experienced in their fields and understand of local customs, prices, local area, local cuisines, souvenirs quality and cultures.Sustainable Tourism Development is base of our activities and influences us in tour designing. We do support evironmentally friendly tourism, reinforce local culture and economy as manifestation of our love to Indonesia. We have responsible tourism program.Your Satisfaction and Comfort are very important for us. We know good spots for you to take shots of natures or cultures. We know very well where you can see spectacular Bromo sunrise or see the amazing double sunrise tour in Dieng Plateau or else the daily activities of Tenggerese, blue flame phenomenon of Ijen Crater, even the one-and-only phenomenon in the world, that is gembel (natural dreadlock) hair children in Dieng Plateau. Enroute you can rest and relax to refresh your body and mind. And we will notify you things to prepare prior your arrival in Surabaya. During the tour you will be treated well like friends with cheerful feel. We believe that tourism should contribute to world peace and mutual understanding among nations.Delicacies of Indonesia are usually rich of flavours and spicy. Breakfast menus are soto ayam (chicken soup with rice) , chicken porridge, nasi goreng (fried rice served with shrimp chips and chicken or egg), or mi goreng (fried noodle). Lunch enroute and dinner are available in wide selections of Indonesian or Chinese cuisins served in a la carte. If you are interested in special food of specific city, just tell our guide where to find one.Terms of payment is very flexible, contact us for further information. You can just book anytime, anyday. Our tours are always available 365 days a year. We customize tours to travelers preferences and caters all budget. Find our tours and adventures, if you can not find what you are looking for or you want customized tours please feel free to contact us.travel agent tour operator surabaya travel agent tour operator surabaya  bromo ijen tour dieng sunrise tour surabaya city tour java honeymoon malang batu tour study tour budget tour yogyakarta tour borobudur tour jogja bromo ijen tour culinary tour


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